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Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll Season 2

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Hi Friends,

Stuart Davis and Kermit The Frog

Stuart Davis and Kermit The Frog talking rock 'n roll in the studio

Stuart Davis here. This marks my return to blog mode, which I will be in for some time to come in order to keep you in the loop on what’s up with Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll. This is the new location of my blog, thanks to our AMAZING sponsor Direct Event Insurance, official backer of SGRR season 2.

Had an amazing day today, a real milestone. Kermit The Frog was on the show, and I had a blast hanging out with him in the studio. There was a definite connection there. We had a lot in common, him being an amphibian, my reptilian brain, our mutual love of David Bowie… I am excited for you to see the segment.

Happy to say Season 2 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll is in full gear, and we are currently wrapping up post-production on the first six episodes. The show has moved to Hollywood, California, and it is a whole new beast. SGRR has been re-invented and suped-up and I am so excited to roll this baby out.

First of all, I’m joined in Season 2 by co-host Candice McClure. Many of you know her from her many years on Battlestar Galactica. You may not have realized that in addition to her dramatic chops, she’s funny as hell. You’re about to get a full dose of comedic Candice. She and I do sketches together as well as the news, and she has her own hilarious segment in every episode called Rocktails, where she shows us how to make amazing cocktails inspired by Rock ‘n Roll. It had us doubled over in laughter while we were shooting. The first Rocktails include Loopy Groupy, a Dumb Drummer, and The Roadie- among others.

Also joining the cast for a new segment called The Sexy Word, which opens every episode. Peruvian stunner Mariann Gavelo teaches us rare or antiquated English words… in bed. That are sexy. She’s from Peru and is very funny.

We also get a full blast of rock ‘n roll in every episode with my band debuting a song from my new album.

More photos and news to follow soon. Stay tuned…

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